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Verdoppeln Sie die Chance auf ein Bewerbungsgespräch
Testen Sie Ihr Bewerbungsfoto
Wir sagen Ihnen, ob ihr Foto für eine Bewerbung geeignet ist.
Inklusive individueller Imagetipps für das Bewerbungsgespräch.
29,90 € anstatt 49,90 €.
Upload your photo
One picture is enough to determine the spontaneous impression a person captured by others. Two or three pictures ensure a balanced overall impression.
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This is how it works:
  • Upload your application photo.
  • Our experienced image consultant assesses your photo for seriousness, competence, sympathy, reliability, creativity, professionalism, endurance, communication skills, power of persuasion and credibility.
  • After three working days, your analysis is ready including a recommendation whether your photo is suitable for a successful application.
  • The image consultant is obliged to treat any information about the Image Checks as confidential.
  • The image consultant only sees your photos, and not your e-mail, address or name.


Photos communicate in seconds traits like sympathy, assertiveness and integrity.

When making the selection of potential canditates 67% of the people responsible base their decision on the application photo.

Informed individual tips about your application photo can result in a successful application.